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Boxes Nos.01-12

An oddity exists in that, although the collection of boxes entitled Box No.01 to Box No.12 read from left to right, top to bottom, the contents of each box read from right to left due to the predominant typographic orientation on the spines.

Originally shown as part of Pilot exhibition curated by Gavin Peacock, Monica Ross and Julian Weaver in 2005.

The series is entitled Box Nos.1-12 and are available for purchase as 80 x 80 cm Giclée prints. Please see the Purchase page for details. If you would like a similar portrait made of your own collection please contact me via the Contact page.

After making some ‘self-portraits’ by photographing books and bookshelves of my own (see Shelf information page), I decided to photograph my collection of 12 and 10 inch vinyl records as a form of indirect self-portraiture.

I photographed the records in the order in which I found them. At one time, so that I was able to locate a desired disc, they were merely ordered in sections categorised by genre and I was generally able to find what I wanted without too much trouble. As time went by and the whole collection was relocated a few times, they became less ordered and unexpected juxtapositions would occur.