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Shoop Shoop 1

In 1969, I moved to Birmingham to do a one-year post graduate course in film animation. On the first day, during the enrolment procedure, I heard someone saying, “Don’t forget to tell them about Shoop Shoop”. It turned out to be a disco held every Thursday at the Golden Eagle public house in Hill Street and was run by art students, for art students as somewhere away from the rest of Aston University. I attended fairly regularly for a year or two.

Over time, it evolved with a change of DJs and a change of ownership and when I started going again in about 1974 or 5 it had become a gig of great character with terrific music played

by Mike Horseman and Pete King—a mixture of soul, reggae and disco. The high quality sound system was played through four big JBL speakers and in the dark, smokey atmosphere of the first floor function room of the Golden Eagle, a regular crowd packed the space and enjoyed the very particular quality of the club.

This first set of photographs were taken one evening in about 1976 and shows Mile Horseman in the white shirt and Pete King in the dark jacket.

Prints from this collection are available for purchase.