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Shoop Shoop 2

Still living in Birmingham—in about 1977—I regularly attended Shoop Shoop—the disco held every Thursday at the Golden Eagle public house in Hill Street. Started originally as a place for art students to go, away from the rest of Aston University, it evolved over time and with a change of ownership into a gig of great character with terrific music played by Mike Horseman and Pete King. With a mixture of soul, reggae and disco played through big JBL speakers in the dark, smokey atmosphere, the venue, though not large, was packed every week with a mixture of people there to enjoy the very special quality of the club.

This second set of Shoop Shoop photographs were taken one one particular evening when Mike Horseman was running it on his own. By this time, The Reggae was more rootsy, the Soul was more funky, Punk was creeping in and the place was more packed than ever.

Prints from this collection are available for purchase.