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Unite d’ Habitation by Anna Hunt, Threads on Canvas.  2001


Work for Others

People need photographs for many reasons and I photograph the work of artists—who require accurate tonal and colour reproduction of artwork for both publication and documentation.

I also photograph events for promoters and organisations.

Monica Ross

    Documentation of

    Anniversary—an act of

    memory and rehearsals of

    Xenon: an exploded opera.


Anna Deamer

    Cinematic installations

Anna Hunt

    Threads on canvas.

Anet van de Elzen


Annika Ström

    Portrait and paintings

Barbara Loftus

    Paintings photographed for

    catalogue and archives

Claudia Fontes


David Medalla

    Performance at the Zap Club,  

    Brighton in 1996

Elpida Hadzi-Vasileva

    We Are Shadows at the

    Unit 2 Gallery

HOUSE Festival

    Jane Fox and Irene Mensah

    Anna Deamer

Jacques Azagury

    Perfume launch 2008

Jane King


Lara Viana

    Paintings photographed for

    catalogue and archives.


    Conference 2001

    Exhibition 2012

Louise Bristow

    Paintings photographed for

    catalogue and archives.

meta. Gallery

    Exhibitions documentation

    and a demonstration.

Mikel Rosen

    Food, fashion and interiors.

Mona Hatoum

    Akademie der Künste,

    Berlin. 2010

Permanent Gallery

    Documentation of exhibitions

    and installations for the

    Gallery’s archives.

Susan Hiller

    Documentation of exhibitions

Whitstable Biennale


Shoop Shoop 1

    Circa 1976 at the Golden

    Eagle with Pete King and

    Mike Horseman.

Shoop Shoop 2

    Circa 1977 at the Golden

    Eagle with Mike Horseman.

The Specials in Rehearsal

    Jerry Dammers’ kitchen in

    Coventry circa 1978.

The Specials at Barbarella’s

    On stage at the Birmingham

    nightclub circa 1978.