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Box No.5.

Chains—For Once in My Life

80 x 80 cm. 2007


Box No.7.

On the Alamo—So Lonely

80 x 80 cm. 2007


Box No.9.

Up to You—Searchin’

80 x 80 cm. 2007


Box No11.

Who’s That Girl?—Lucio Silla

80 x 80 cm. 2007


Box No.2.

If—Feelin’ Single - Seein’ Double

80 x 80 cm. 2007


Box No.6.

Listen to Me—Let’s Spend the Night Together

80 x 80 cm. 2007


Box No.8.

Four Alarm Boogie—Everyday

80 x 80 cm. 2007


Box No.10.

Party Out of Bounds—Foolish You

80 x 80 cm. 2007


Box No.12.

Alice in Wonderland—Let’s Go Baby (Where the Action Is)

80 x 80 cm. 2007

  Listening to Box No.10.

  Photograph by Gavin Peacock

APEC studio. 2018

I left APEC and joined Phoenix when my wife Monica died, leaving her work in her studio. I moved into my present ‘inherited’ studio in 2013 where I work to this day. 

My studio at Phoenix Art Space. I now have Monica’s archive and my work in the same space. I am still working on her archive—digitising everything piece by piece. I do my own work and work for other people. The studio is an eight-minute walk from home. I am in most days. 

BGMills_NDE or the Alphaville Experience

Phoenix studio. 2018

NDE or the Alphaville Experience: Got to Keep Moving. As an associate member of APEC, I was invited to show some work in an exhibition/open studios event which was given the title Fidget. I decided to produce something new for the exhibition and that would relate to the event’s title. This was photographed in the corridor outside my studio in Phoenix. I was sixty-nine years old when I made this and somewhat concious of life expectancy. The corridor reminded me of a scene in Godard’s Alphaville and the light at the end reminded me of… well, the end. Gradually, it all came together. Unlike Abba (I have a Dream, 1979), I don’t believe in angels. (But fantasies persist…) 

(Would it not be nice to be welcomed to death by an angel?) 

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