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The series of photographs in this book stem from being asked to participate in an APEC Studios exhibition in 2015 entitled Fidget. A photograph was made to relate to the word fidget. Having enjoyed both the process and the result, Bernard wanted to repeat the approach with a similarly self-inflicted exercise.

Consequently, the artist decided to randomly select twenty-five words and used those words as subjects for a series of photographs.

Starting with a given word, a period of cogitation might produce the impetus to create a new piece of photographic work in response to that word. Other times, the pondering would suggest a previously made photograph which would correspond to the given word.

This book is for sale — Click the cover.

Words W:BG 600.jpg
First 45 W:BG 600.jpg

This book contains reproductions of the first forty-five paintings of an ongoing, single piece of work entitled Morning Tunes.


On the morning of my birthday in 2011, I woke up with a tune running through my head and I thought, “This happens every morning”. After five years, I had collected approximately 1826 song or tune titles,


I decided to make paintings that would relate to particular tunes. Some paintings are somewhat autobiographical, some are playful, some refer more directly to the performer or a performance and others are an interpretation of the title.

This book is for sale: click on the cover.

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