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17, 18 and 19 June 2022


I’d like to tell you about a short exhibition that I’m installing at the Phoenix Art Space that I hope you might be interested in — either to visit or because you would like to know that I am still doing stuff. All the essential information is below but a little extra is here:


I was reading an article by Mo White in a Vivid Gallery publication entitled SLIDE/TAPE where she suggested that, whereas in the 1970s and 80s artists used slide/tape in their performance work, the technology was now obsolete. I had just been speaking to a friend about my project Extra Ordinary Objects which I had put on hold in 2013 when I started to digitise the archive of Monica Ross. It struck me that I could combine the two — the obsolete technology of Extra Ordinary Objects with the obsolete technology of slide/tape to present the former — digitally.


If you are in the neighbourhood of Brighton/Hove, please accept this invitation to come and see for yourself.

TapeSlide Publicity A4 copy.jpg
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