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Window Gallery Vestibule

By way of introduction, a painting from 1982. the Shoop Shoop photograph from which it was derived and a note explaining why the paintings are not for sale but that prints can be purchased.

_BGM4456 copy.png
_BGM4426 copy.png

Window Gallery Vestibule

Juke Box. Pencil drawing. 1982.

_BGM4451 copy.png
_BGM4450 copy.png
_BGM4449 copy b.png
_BGM4446 copy.png

Dance 'til You Feel Better

Originally made for a Phoenix Art Space advent window event, this evolved from the two given words: Tango and Jive. 

After Lockdown

6 March 2020 was the opening of this exhibition and I took it down on 30 August, nearly five months later making it (possibly) the longest running but least seen exhibition in the history of Phoenix Art Space.

_BGM4459 copy.png

After Lockdown

A walkthrough of the exhibition during lockdown.

After Lockdown


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