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Occasionally, I'll make a photograph that is not part of a series and I am calling these Singles as it ties in with my interest in recorded music as well as emphasising their singularity.




Studio photograph of an assemblage indicative of my interest in recorded music.

I had been given a stack of old seven-inch 45s which were well beyond their playable condition so I promoted them to the rack having first painted the two end labels with acrylic paint. 

certain thoughts, deeds or actions might be ‘wrong’, anti-social, corrupt or unacceptable, the procreative instinct is a persuasive influence and LOVE, or deep feelings for fellow persons, is—in my humble and somewhat muddled view—an essential part of one’s being or existence. Just a thought; not very clear—lacking the clarity, perhaps, of the threats revealed in ‘the book’.


Paris Passion



I was looking at one of my bookshelves and my eye rested on the 63mm spine with the word Paris in pink.


I realised that I had accumulated a considerable number of books about or refer to or are set in the city so I thought I'd get them all together and make a photograph. I finally included videos of films, DVDs, exhibition catalogues, maps, photographs and relevant objects. 

NDE or the Alphaville Effect: Got to Keep Moving


A few years ago I was invited to participate in an exhibition and open studio. The title of the show was Fidget (and I still don’t know why that was its title). I decided to make a piece that related to or, at least, stemmed from the word. The piece evolved during the making from a thirty-second durational shot in the corridor outside my studio with me moving about as if waiting, to a considerably processed monochrome print. 2015

BGMills_NDE or the Alphaville Experience

  Berlin Portrait.  2013


c 2000

This was one of the first photographs that I made with a digital camera.

I had determined that I would not have an interest in digital cameras until the manufacturers started to put decent lenses on the bodies. Sony seemed to be an early developer and at one time I had the use of a Sony Cyber-shot DSC-F707 which had a Carl Zeiss zoom lens projecting out the front. The main body seemed to hang on the back and it swivelled so that it could be used at waist level which I liked.

Melanie was obligingly sitting on the windowsill in my living room in front of the perspex screen and I just pressed the button. 

09 BGM_8700 20 x 30 inch.png



I was reading the book entitled .diane arbus. (published by Gordon Fraser, London in 1972) which contains edited transcripts of classes, interviews and writings by Diane Arbus. 

I read the following sentence:

"I used to worry about being like this. Not knowing more. But now — now I don't worry any more."

The words struck a chord and I thought of the additional bookshelves I had just installed at home to house some of my books that had been in storage for so long. Could this be why I have so many books?

The sentence is incorporated as text in the bottom of the photograph.

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